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Ever wondered about the history of that Roman coin you‘ve had all these years or trying to identify one or two from your private collection without too much success? Well, ponder no more, as help is at hand with the amazing Roman Coin Identification Software CD by NumismaticSoft. First released back in 2004, this superb product has helped numerous coin collectors to identify their Roman Coins with pinpoint accuracy and lightening speed. Unlike books on the subject that take up too much space and time, this software package will quickly aid your searches and is fun to use. With more than 11.000 coins in the databank and around 7000 different types, you‘re sure to find a match along with features that the coin books don‘t provide.
Coin Identification made easy.
Main Features include:
• Search for obverse and reverse inscriptions, coin diameter and weight
• Find matching coins by searching with only a few letters
• Retrieve information about the rulers, mint, strike date, coin type and more
• Identify rarity, condition and value of each coin
• Select coin type from the colour-coded list, e.g. Yellow for Gold
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Roman Coins Identification Software CD